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New Beginnings I love butterflies; they are beautiful creatures who dance around the sky as their wings flutter gracefully through the air. Butterflies floating in nature are amazing! However, when they are spinning circles in your stomach, they are nauseating. That is how I felt as I prepared for my visit to the Coshocton County Court of Common Pleas. It was a warm muggy day and the air felt thick like it was going to rain. I walked down Main Street in Coshocton, past the gym that I frequently visit, and across the street. There I stood in front of a tall, cement gray building. My friend, Tessa, had arranged my appointment to be a spectator at a hearing for Family Drug Court. I did not know what to expect, and I felt like a fish…show more content…
The light gave off a bright glow which made me think of those detective movies where the investigator interrogates suspects in a darkened room. My eyes scanned around the walls and I saw photographs of judges from the past posed in their black robes, framed in the same cherry wood that trimmed the room. Beautiful marble embellished the elevated platform that was located in the front and center part of the triangular shaped room. This platform was the bench where the Honorable Judge Van Blanchard II would be appearing. Finally, Judge Blanchard walked into the chamber and calmly sat down. As he entered, the room grew quiet. He looked kind and gentle, had white hair with gray peppered through it, and had a pleasant smile. He glanced in my direction, noticing that someone new was in the room, and again I felt like all eyes were on me. It was then that my friend, whom had been hidden from my view behind her computer, popped up from her chair and introduced me to the onlookers. I stood up and thanked Judge Blanchard for allowing me to sit in to observe the case and explained why I was there. As quietly as I could, I sat back down into my squeaky chair, and the room filled with noisy discussion once again. Like a busy stock-trading center, the caseworkers started conversing back and forth with the judge. They would review each case and give their professional opinion of how their clients were reacting to the
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