Descriptive Essay About My Family

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It was a sunny Friday afternoon in late August, my family and I were getting ready for my brother 's graduation. He was graduating from medical school, it had been a dream of his to become a doctor since the age of ten. As we rode in my parent 's car, I watched the smiles on my parents face appear, the wrinkles vanish and hopes of escaping their past. I heard my brother hum his favorite song as he always did when he was nervous. I watched the baby eagles fly away, through the window, leaving their mothers, transitioning into adulthood. Gazing at my brother it reminded me of when he was born. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Toronto, in the month of may. I was six years old, I had been woken up by grandma “ Sophia wake up” she called. I…show more content…
The next couple of days I had waited for him to finally come home, I could not wait to have him in my arms. Sadly, that did not happen as I thought, he was unable to pass stool and was sent to The Hospital of Sick Children. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a disease called Hirschsprung 's, which affects the large intestine enabling him to pass stool. My mom and Kalen stayed at the hospital for eight months before he was able to finally come home. My seven-year-old self-took upon responsibility, with my mother 's absence, my father 's late nights at work I took it upon myself. I would do chores around the house, I made sure to do my homework and behave well for my grandmother. Years past in a blur, doctors appointments, short hospital visits and ensuring Kalen’s health.“Sophia, we are here, grab the camera!”. “ Sophia we are getting late for Kalen’s graduation.” My mother watched me closely as she grabbed the camera out of my hands. She began to walk as she kept a close eye on me, as I looked into her hazel eyes and her tight smile she understood what was on my mind. Tears stung my eyes, as I reminisced 2015, January we were informed that Kalen had jaundice, I remember his skin and eyes a pale yellow pigment, and continuous exhaustion, difficult for him to breathe. We spent weeks at a time at

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