Descriptive Essay About My Family

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Sweet as Molasses
Some worse than others, children are known to have their flaws. Making mistakes and learning are all a part of growing up, but for Jace, these mistakes came few and far between. The day Jace entered this world, our family knew he had been a blessing. Being the first “real” grandchild in the family, due to the fact my brother and I were just step grandchildren, belief had it that he would become spoiled; however, that concept was not grasped as quickly as expected. Many qualities including his compassion, willingness to help, and social ability provided the boy with the infectious smile the ability to shine light upon our lives.
Compassion, a quality few express, became seemingly natural for Jace. When I held him in my arms for the first time, I knew just how special he was going to be. As I looked down at his soft skin and light blond hair a spark grew inside me. From day one, his heart already had the power to heal. The inseparable connection we share is like none other in the family. He never fails to run up to me, wrap his tiny arms around my neck and say, “I love you sissy.” In that moment I squeeze a little tighter knowing he truly means those four sweet words. Jace has shaped into my biggest supporter in life. Whether I am on the court or field, his cheering can be heard throughout. The desire to follow in my footsteps keeps Jace in the stands. I can not wait for the day to come when he plays on that field and I can be cheering just as loud. He is my

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