Descriptive Essay About My Father

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It was a cold brisk morning which wasn 't a bad thing considering it discouraged the daily tourists taking their morning strolls while attempting to live out their New York fantasies, but this only had a minuscule effect on the already lively city buzzing with locals. I myself fit didn 't fit into the city though. I am a tall older man who is beginning bald and my fashion sense is a bit plain. I began my walk to work from my smaller apartment on the lower east side with my morning coffee and briefcase in hand while mentally preparing myself for the hectic day ahead of me. I strategically mapped my route to work today so that I could stop by the cemetery to replace the flowers on my father 's grave. The grass was covered in…show more content…
I snapped back to reality I felt a deeply rooted sense of failure in my stomach as though I had let my father down. I could not shake the thought out of my head. I finally regained my composure and said my goodbyes. I arrived to work 13 minutes late due to my untimely visit in which I spoke to my father. I immediately rushed over to my desk and waited for my computer to reboot . In the process of this I frantically unpacked my briefcase in hopes to make up for lost time. Our floor manager confidently strutted over to me. “Rough morning?” He badgered with an annoying tone in his voice. “I guess you could say that.” I barked in defiance. “Did you even realize how late you were?” He accused. I lightened my tone in attempts to lessen his aggravation. “Listen Sir, I am sorry I was replacing the flowers on my father’s grave. That is why I was late.” I pleaded. “ Oh, sorry, I.. I didn 't know.” He fretted with embarrassment and regret.
He then nervously walked away. Trying to remove himself from my line of sight as quickly as he could. Just before he rounded the corner the floor shook with violently as indescribable noises rang throughout the air. I watched as panic started to rise around. Before I had time to grasp the situation shrieks of horror erupted throughout the floor. Everyone rushed for the doors as quickly as they could including my self. Since I am a slender

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