Descriptive Essay About My Favorite Food

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Enjoying delicious foods can count as one of my “hobbies”; from crunchy, buttery popcorn to zesty ice cream, from fresh sashimi of sushi to the rich seafood of Spanish fried rice. But, if you ask me what is my favorite food among all these delicacies, the only answer that I can give to you is, “My mom’s cooking.” Every morning, opening my lunch bag, the water vapor inside my lunch box lid starts my copacetic day. During lunch time, the ‘ding’ sound of microwave after one minute and thirty seconds determined my attitude over the whole day. Lunch, my mom’s handmade food, is my passion. Maybe you are thinking that I’m exaggerating about ‘lunch’, but every grain of rice in my lunch box makes up who I am. I learned my identity from my…show more content…
They all look like gorgeous gems inside a secret treasure box with nobles dancing around them. I bring my lunch to school every day, but none of those said before come close to my heart like Chinese food. Since that day, I found out that my mom did this on purpose. That day, unlike before, my lunch bag was heavy. With unstoppable curiosity, I looked inside of my lunch bag. “Yes!” I almost screamed at the same time; my favorite; Chinese food, traditional, mom’s hand-making, vegetables, meat, and white rice! It doesn 't look like the regal food the nobles dance around, or the shining treasures with a box, in contrast too much soy sauce made the potato slices look abrasive and coarse, with minced meat on the top, adding a more biting taste to it. During a lunch break, two girls sitting next to my table captured my attention. One of them pointed at my lunchbox and talked to the another. Although my English was not that good at that time, but I heard from their few isolated words;“ugly”, “weird”, and “disgusting”. I ignored them. However, I was scared, I was scared to be the ‘outsider’, but I realized that I’m always the outsider. “Is this the reason why my mom didn’t bring Chinese food for me?” I thought. That was a culture shock to them. I continued to bring my lunch to school every day. But, from that moment on, I subconsciously wanted to hide my

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