Descriptive Essay About My Favorite Room

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Before you make an entrance into my room you first need to walk up three flights of stairs it may look easy, but don’t be fooled. "Click" as you turn the key to the right. Afterwards apply pressure to the handle downwards, then push to open. When entered in my apartment a cool breeze of cold air instantly hits your body and the smell of Hawaiian breeze scent from glade lingers in the room. Then a small tile in front of the door is where I take off my shoes. As you continue to walk forward your toes feel the rug of my room which is twelve by sixteen square feet a lot of my thinking and time is spend here alone or with friends and family, but it is certainly my favorite room in my apartment. This room matters to me because it is the first room you see before you see the other rooms. It also shows a little part of me as you look around the room from the dreams I wish to travel one day to the time I took to coordination the colors together and the hard work I put to manage to save enough money to get the furniture and decorations this room is once again my favorite room. The first object you will encounter with would be the object that is set by the entrance door. This object is used to study and to concentrate on my class work. The object is rectangle shape and the shade of the wood is classic cherry dark brown. The object is held by four legs that has a leafy design. As you continue to look at the length of the object you can see a silver carved handle that dangles off the side. To furthermore, the object description on the top of the object where the four legs connect there is a leather football feel to the top where there lays a picture of the world map imprinted in black ink to the leather. Thirty-one itches above the object hangs an instrument for measuring and recording time that uses hands to indicate the minutes and hours per day. The instrument hangs on the East side of my apartment wall. The instrument ticks quietly among itself as the dark brown, curvy hands move to each roman numeral number. Besides the center of the instrument where a clear glass lays above the roman numeral numbers and hands to protect them. They are surround by a plastic dark brown outer layer that has a braided texture to

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