Descriptive Essay About My Funeral

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Today was funeral day. My mom’s funeral. It was a dark October thursday, the clouds were brewing a storm. A slight breeze disturbed my neck. My uncomfortable suit sleeves bellowed in the cold breeze.. I hadn’t felt any emotions since the day of her death, which was weeks ago, almost as if my emotion is grey. It was warm then, as my mind was too. Nowadays, up until today, my mind has been a dark fog, as if my mind was released into the sky, darkening everyone’s day, arriving at my mom’s funeral or just to cuddle up with their friends and family in front of a warm crackling fire, telling the stories of their childhood and how times were better. Not me, my dad usually ignored me and he only worked on managing my mom’s fortune. Yeah. My mom’s…show more content…
It was rather calming, even in this time of darkness. I stumbled and started to kick my dress shoes off. I was drenched by now, and I literally had nothing to lose. I feel like a dark abyss. Am I making this to dark? Should I crack a couple jokes about my newly dead mom? My mourning now depressed father, cooped up with so much work of my dead moms fortune he has no time to even properly to go through the coping stages of losing someone? Yeah, my life is great! Might as well make fun of everything that’s wrong with me. Isn’t that what most comedians do? They always end up killing themselves. Now that’s funny! Okay, it 's really not, I’m just a cruel teenager going through some stuff. I’m dark and sarcastic, dead mom or not. Why am I going on about this? I’m running out of breath, but I’m not sweaty or anything, it is now turning dark and colder, my blurred vision now getting worse and worse. The street lights turn on, showing big orange blurry bulbs down the cobbled road.
My bare feet pattered against the wet stones making little splashed by step. I wonder how long I have been running, for I wasn’t out of breath. Which was weird, for the only physical thing I ever usually do is shoot hoops and longboard. I was nowhere near out of breath, which felt kinda good. My feet were cramping terribly but I proceed to round a dark corner. This was when the beginning of my short life changed
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