Descriptive Essay About My Grandma

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A moment can be such a small amount of time but it can effect such a large part of your life. I was always very close to my grandma. My mom would always tell me that I would often times not want her when I was upset and I would only want my grandma. She had lived just a few minutes down the road from us. She was always there for me and I was always there for her. I would never call her grandma. I always called her “Mawmaw”. I had no clue what I would do without her. She meant so much to me. We would go out to eat together all of the time and we would also hang out at her house a lot. It was a normal day at school for me. I was about nine years old and in the third grade. The final bell for school had sounded and it was time for us to…show more content…
Cars around us were moving at normal speed and people were walking by as if nothing had happened. For me though, that moment was not like any other, it would effect me more than just any moment. I was so afraid. I had always seen my grandma as a super strong woman so when I got the news it shocked me. She was my rock and my go to person for help. When my mom told me about this I was scared but I knew how strong my grandma was so I was sure that she could beat this. After learning about the news and having my mom tell me more about it, I discovered that it could be beat. She said that there was a series of things that my grandma would have to go through to overcome this. She emphasized that it was a very scary and dangerous thing but there was a chance of victory. It began with surgery. She had to get the mass removed. They were not sure that they would be able to remove it all at the time because they had thought that it was bigger than what it had turned out to be. She went through a nine hour surgery. This felt like an eternity. We were all scared because we did not know what was going to happen. A nine hour surgery was so long and we wondered what was going on. It was like when my mom had told me that my grandma had cancer. Everything around me was at a normal pace but I felt nervous and for me each moment was slowed down. Until we had finally got the news from the doctor. He came out and he had a look on his face that neither looked good

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