Descriptive Essay About My Great Grandmother

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Growing-up I always had a lot of family that was very supportive in my life. They believed in me even when I didn 't believe in myself. However, one person that I loved so much was my great grandmother, Bobbie Alger. She married Robert Alger (a military man) at a very young age and they were happily married until he died before I was born. My parents loved Robert and decided to name me after him. So, they named me Kyle Robert Phillippi. This has always meant so much to me. My great grandma is now 92 years old and is my biggest role model. Bobbie and I have a unusual relationship. A type where people think we are disrespectful to each other. But I can reassure you that we love each other so much. Bobbie Alger was a mother of three, Alee,…show more content…
But, my great grandma has been through so much. After all she has been through she is still going to church a loving every single person. Bobbie has and such an amazing testimony in God and our church. I love her so much that I would do anything for her. She has always loved seeing me gain a testimony in Heavenly Father and by her doing that, it has really pushed me to go on a mission of my own and serve other people as she does all the time. So why does she mean so much to me? How am I so close to her? Well, her and I always have made fun of each other. We call each other names, we threaten each other, and we even threaten to kill each other 's pets. Of course we did not truly mean any of these besides me calling her an old fart because she is. Most kids don’t have a good relationship with their great aunts or grandparents, however, I do. Bobbie has cared about me when it doesn’t feel like anyone else does. She has also always been interested in my grades. If I wasn’t doing to good in a class then she would find a way to get a resource to help me with that subject. She also has supported me in my mission fund as well as any extra curricular activities I do. Bobbie has taught me the ways of being happy even though things can be hard. She has taught me to love one another even though they may not like you or they 're not your type. Most importantly she has inspired me to work the hardest and go for the things that I believe in most. As the years go by, I
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