Descriptive Essay About My Great Grandmother

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Family history is very important to me. It teaches me about my ancestors, family background, culture, heritage, and generations of traditions. By knowing where I came from, helps me have a better perspective of my life. Having a clear understanding on my family background allows me to know how deep my family’s roots are, and it brings me closer to self discovery. Family has always been important to me, especially my great grandmother. Great grandmothers are known for always being the backbones of families. They nurture you, pray for you, guide you, but most of all they love you. They are wise and give you great advice. My great grandmother had a strong soulful presence, and whenever you would walk into the same room she was in, you would…show more content…
Mom was on her own to raise her children. She began working at a house past Dupont in DeLisle to provide for and take care of her children. Years passed by, and her children were grown. They moved out, got married, and had children of their own. Mom had so much love for her grandchildren, and they had so much love for her. They would go stay the night and spend time with her, and I know for a fact that spending time with her grandchildren made her very happy. Mom’s grandchildren grew some got married and some did not, but just about all of them had children. Mom loved every single one of her great grandchildren. Although we cannot remember because we were just newborns, we knew Mom had a smile on her face when she saw each of her great grandchildren for the first time. She loved watching us grow and overcome things before her eyes. We were young, so we did not how much it meant to her then, but now when look back we do. I remember when she would get us out of trouble, and tell our parents not to whoop us. She loved spoiling us and would always give us Peeps. Mom gave us unconditional love, and that was all that really mattered to us. Before I was born, Mom was confined to wheelchair. She fell down about three or four times before, and broke her hip twice. She never let her being confined to a wheelchair stop her from doing anything. She would wash dishes, fix her a cup of coffee, and cook. She
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