Descriptive Essay About My Hometown

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It been a ten years I missed my hometown. I still remember about my hometown, where I grew up and spent half of my childhood time in there. My hometown was small, we didn’t have a tall building,and even we didn’t have a good house. I lived in refugee camp,I was happy to live in there. In my hometown everyone nice to each other, neighbor were grateful, and Helpful. Back in days I had so many friends, We were played football (soccer) everyday, Sometime my friend and I used skipped class together, and at home we get punishment by our parents. I’ve a great memories with my hometown.

When I was a young, I am a cool kids around my neighbor. They loved me so much because I knew how to talk to them and respect older people. As I was a young, I love Football which I mean is soccer. I was a biggest fan of soccer, and I used to played soccer from the school team. At my house we had small black and white TV. Most of the time my dad and I watched a soccer game in TV. My neighbors and even my town people loved the soccer. The best thing was where ever there was soccer match going on tv. They came to my house to watched it and we all watch the game together. Also some people didn’t liked soccer. I mean especially women they hated soccer because they think soccer is useless sport. The reason they said that because their husband spent a so much time watching soccer. Sometime I hear wife and husband having a wrangle about soccer. I missed this all stuff and this was a best part of growing
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