Descriptive Essay About My House

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I have lived in the same small house on Honey Creek road my entire life.The front yard is full of bright green grass, that stands just a little too tall. One ditch is on each side of the long black cement driveway. At the beginning of the driveway are two large, solid boulders. My front yard is large compared to the neighboring yards. It is where my siblings and I would play tag and other games during late summer nights and would build snowmen on cold winter evenings. The same yard that my brother has spent countless hours push mowing the too tall, bright green grass. Looking at the front view of my house, the siding is a light gray and covers the entirety of the one story house. There is a tall red brick chimney off to the right but is hardly ever caught breathing smoke. The roofing is a dark blue with black speckles and the front door is a matching blue painted on very thick. On the front door is a brown wreath hung by a burlap bow. The word family, in a bubbly font, is neatly centered in the middle of the wreath. Inside the blue front door is the largest room where my family and I are almost always together. Three of the walls are a soft beige and one is a rustic red. The rustic red wall has a small fireplace and a white mantle surrounding it.The furniture, one small comfy brown couch with two gold pillows, a matching comfy brown recliner with one gold pillow, and an old white rocking chair that used to belong to my great grandfather, is all faced towards a black
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