Descriptive Essay About My Life

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There was no need for sunshine because I preferred the rain. I read that over and over till I was just sick of it I let out a growl of pure exhaustion. “I just can’t do this,” I mumble pushing myself up from my current reclined position on my bed letting my feet hit the shag carpeting that lined my room. “How am I going to write this for my class when all I can think about is what's that ticking noise and how sad I am” I voice to no one, but myself. I drag myself to a mirror to check-up on my appearance though I didn’t really need to because I knew I looked like a mess. Mess that word describes my life so well that Webster should just change the definition to a picture of my family and everyone would understand. I feel a small smirk cast over my lips as an of kind pat on the back to myself for making such a self- deprecating joke. I play around with my hair for a minute before giving up completely and throwing it up into a ponytail. I slip on my worn out shoes and proceed to open up my door. As soon as I open my door I am greeted by my dog who seems more eager than ever. I laugh lightly at the sight whilst bending down to my dog’s level patting his head as I whisper. “I prefer dogs over work.” I get up stretching out my knee and letting my dog lead the way downstairs. It wasn’t early in the morning, but I still didn’t expect to see anyone up and as predicted no one was awake. I shoot a quick text to my mom as I grab my dog’s leash attaching it to him and grabbing
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