Descriptive Essay About My Life

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Life, it’s a cruel, but funny thing. Life will throw you multiple obstacles just to get you to one point, message, or lesson. It’ll give you the most horrible situations, but give you an outcome of happiness and love. This is what I went through. I went through an obstacle in life that showed me that it’s not worth it to be harsh, cruel, or mean to your loved ones or piers. This obstacle showed me that we allow ourselves to let our emotions in the way of the truth and in the way of love. This obstacle shaped me to be the person I am today. Now listen to why I give these reasons. Why I say what I say. Listen to my story of how I came to be, through love, anger, frustrations, and death. Maureen Xavier, the life of the party, the…show more content…
We all thought it was old age. Over the months she passed out 3 more times. Now I knew something was wrong, everyone knew something was wrong. My grandmother wasn 't smiling as much and had a face of pain, but that face was soon gone when someone stepped into the room. I knew she was hiding something, I knew she wasn’t letting us know how she was feeling. I went to the hospital with my grandma multiple times, it was becoming a daily routine for me, but one day was special. My grandmother, dad, grandfather, and I all went to the hospital to get my grandmother checked out for once and for all. I remember sitting in the waiting room, watching as my grandfather comes out with a face of worry. I asked what was wrong. It turns out my grandmother had stage 4 colon cancer and it was bad. The cancer was so bad to the point that chemotherapy couldn’t fix it. I would sit on the couch watching my grandmother lay on the red reclining chair that squeaked every time you moved, just staring at the TV. It was at this moment when reality hit me, and it hit me hard. My grandmother who was practically my mother too was extremely sick and is not going to get any better. I looked at her and everything changed in her appearance. She no longer had the full head of brown hair, but a baldish head with grey hair. She no longer had that full figure, but a sickly and bony, pale body. Her face didn’t have a smile, but when it did, it was forced. Looking at her, I
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