Descriptive Essay About My Mother

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Angela Griffith, a proud neuroscience specialty registered nurse was a person that I fondly admired. This person whom I aspired to be was my mother. Waking up to her returning home from a long twelve-hour night shift to share some details of the night she endured were a few of my earliest memories that I treasure to this day. In hindsight in my adult years I ponder over whether it was my youthful childhood imagination that was so fascinated and intrigued by these stories that my mom shared of her intense, at times grueling profession or if it was an early sign of my peaked interest and curiosity of the health care industry. It would be easy to state I fell directly into my mother’s footsteps, however it is the contrary. A series of events…show more content…
Holding a Physician title would allow me more autonomy and authority and the power to diagnose and treat patients compared to nurses. This was my thought process at thirteen years old. Fast forward to high school I am a fifteen years old and my mom has been in remission for about two years proving that her health status improved remarkably. Feeling massively stronger my mother made real strides within two years. Although she had not returned to work yet she began implying that she will begin preparations for her return. At this time, like my most teenagers my desired profession changed frequently. My idolized profession of Physician morphed into award-winning, highly regarded news journalist. I watched a great deal of CNN during this time thus I aspired to become the female Anderson Cooper. Just when things started to brighten up in my mother and my life like de ja vu once again things came to a screeching halt. My mom was now diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Again I automatically snapped into caregiver mode, with more knowledge and intellect at fifteen years of age compared to the first go-round at twelve years old. While my mother was in the hospital for months at a time I researched information about her diagnosis, and upcoming treatments. I also did a blood test providing my blood sample to discover if I could be a match for her upcoming bone marrow transplant. During my mothers’ lengthy hospital

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