Descriptive Essay About My School Day

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I woke up to the sound of my mother yelling at younger brother to wake up. I knew I would be the next one she would wake up so I sat myself up in my bed and waited for her to come in and tell me to get ready for my day; she did this every morning. Only a minute later she came in and did exactly as I had thought. Taken aback by the fact that I was awake she said , "Hurry up, we have to leave soon," in the same kind, loving voice she always used when talking to me. As soon as I had finished getting ready for my school day, I went back into my room and observed my appearance in my long mirror that went vertically so that I could see my whole self. I was 5 '4.5 and had sapphire blue eyes. I put my medium brown hair that went to the…show more content…
"Oh, before I forget," my mom paused to get something out of her purse, "I got you two these," She held up two keys, "They 're keys for the house, so that if I 'm ever not home by the time you guys are, you won 't have to wait for me to get there," She glanced back at as to make sure I understood, which I did; to acknowledge that I understood, I nodded. I grabbed one of the keys out of her hand and placed it in the front pocket of my backpack which was already in the car when I got in; I had kept it in car overnight so that didn 't forget it. We arrived at the school after thirty minutes of silence. As James and I left the car I saw my two best friends , Zephyr Balch and Raven Hence. Raven was in all of my classes and in every one I sat next to her, and Zephyr was in my homeroom and last period. I approached them in the middle of their conversation about our chemistry homework. "Wait, so if you mix ammonia and bleach you get a lethal gas?!" Zephyr exclaimed. I sighed. "How did you not know that already?" He smiled sheepishly and said, "Uh, I don 't know." At his reaction i laughed and said, "You really need to pay attention in class." He blushed just enough so that I could tell, so I looked down at the pavement and smiled, pretending not to see. He was 6" tall, therefore he was considerably taller than me. He had an average build with chocolate brown eyes. His dirty blonde hair was always tousled and

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