Descriptive Essay About Native English Speakers

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Want to travel to China, Korea, Japan, or Thailand and get paid to do it? Native English speakers are in great demand in Asia and if you have a college degree and English is your first language, you have all the skills you need to land a job. Keep in mind the seriousness though of what you 're considering doing. You are considering moving to another country, where they will speak a language that you probably don 't know and have very different customs from the West. But if you think you can handle that, then it can be an immensely rewarding experience. The first thing to do is to browse the job posting on Dave 's ESL Cafe ( It is the most complete list of ESL jobs on the internet. You 'll find jobs all over the world, but most are located in Asia and the Middle East. Look for postings from the schools themselves. Avoid recruiters. There is no need to pay someone to find a job for you. Be sure to check the requirements for each posting. These can vary a great deal from country to country. Generally you will notice that Japan and Korea pay the most (but the cost of living is higher), China (except Hong Kong) and Thailand pay less, and that housing and airfare are included (provided you finish your contract, usually one year). In general the best places in Asia to work are 1. Universities or colleges 2. Public elementary or high schools. 3. Private schools 4. Language institutes. This is not a strict order, but your schedule, pay, and job security decrease as
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