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The New York City
Living in America is a fantasy for a lot of people, but living in New York City is something even better, and more magical than any fantasy.
Although regarded as the `most populated city ' in the United States, the whole city has something interesting to offer everyone. It is sub divided into five boroughs , being Queens , The Bronx , Brooklyn , Manhattan , and Staten Island respectively .The landmarks in New York city are known all over the world . There is the famous Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, the sky scrapers, and the World Trade Center, now called ground zero. One of Manhattan’s famous landmarks is Times Square. Different kinds of lights illuminate the area, where people are
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You can buy anything at anytime during the day or night because the shops never close.

Walking down the Manhattan streets, it’s almost customary to smell the smoke of exhaust from thousands of cars. The smoke coming from Subway stations underneath the roads can get to your nostrils quicker than it can be seen. It almost makes you feel like if you are a big giant walking along houses under your feet that have smoke coming out of their chimneys. At the same time the smell of hotdogs stands, salted pretzel stands make you aware of their presence as your smell sensors go crazy, and start telling your brain to get some. You can try your best but the smell from Italian pizzerias will sure pull you in for a slice or two even if you are not a pizza lover. Then you have the fresh smell of different fruits coming from the fruit stands on the streets, reminding you that New York City even has choices for everyone even for healthy conscious ones.
I lived and liked Brooklyn borough of New York City because it has so many Pakistani people, that it’s called “Little Pakistan.” There you will find tasty Indo-Pakistani food. Your taste buds will thank you for the spicy aroma, and tenderness of chicken or beef kabobs perfectly done on clay oven called “tandoor”. Chicken curry, beef curry with freshly clay oven baked Naans, Bryani, or tandoori chicken will give you the perfect combination
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