Descriptive Essay About Pacific Blues

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Pacific Blues

The shh, shh, shh of the water shuffling against the stone beach could have been heard from the road if I stood still, but currently there is a concerto of noise beneath my feet, a deep and rumbling earthquake shifting the rocks on which I stand with every step I take. It’s not just my steps that create the symphony; behind me is Agathe, standing on the stones and laughing as Quartz slips into the shallows.
The Australian shepherd doesn’t go deep, but her tail wags with the ferocity of a thousand winds as she darts in and out of the water, rocks slipping around her feet and jaws snapping at the waves as they rumble against the shore.
Agathe pushes her blonde hair back, and I wonder again why she doesn’t simply tie it back if it annoys her so much.
Beneath my feet, the stones are unlike any I have seen before, each a rounded composite with shimmering white lines racing through, some having clearly been broken apart recently and others having little holes in them, as though someone had taken a cookie cutter and peeled a piece away, leaving behind only the shell.
I kneel among the stone kingdom, and the sound echoes downwards as though I’m standing upon rocks that run a kilometre deep.
My hands trail over their surface, examining and turning until, finally, the need for a photograph takes over, and I slip my phone from my pocket.
If there’s a single thing I’ve learned taking pictures of every beautiful thing I see, it’s that the image is never as good as reality,
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