Descriptive Essay About Paranoid

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Leaves crunched underfoot as I walked under the moonlight away from my best friend 's house. I shiver as I wrap my arms around my body wishing I had brought a jacket with me. As I get closer to my house I feel something approaching me, I turn to see what’s there, but see nothing but my shadow. I lightly laugh for being silly and getting paranoid easily. As I approached my house I found that everyone has gone to sleep thinking that I was going to have a sleep over. I look around for the spare key that we hide in the plant pot. As I go to grab it, I find nothing but dirt. I assume that my mom brought it inside. I sigh in annoyance as I attempt to call my parents. When it goes straight to voicemail, I call my brother, hoping that he was…show more content…
At this point I’ve already figured out that I’ve been kidnapped but by whom? Moments later I hear a quiet chuckle and a man say in a eerily happy voice “Oh, you 're finally awake”. As I hear the voice of this unknown person I can’t help to start to cry as he hears my sobs of fear he responds by saying in his sickling cheery voice“Tch, Tch,tch, can’t have you making so much noise someone might hear you” As I hear him say this I attempt to scream louder against the cloth around my mouth to get someone’s attention. Then all of a sudden he grabs my neck roughly and whispers harshly into my ear “If you don’t I will kill you, otherwise you just might make out alive”. He says this and my cries are quickly hushed. Then he returns to his normally “happy” voice and pats my head and says “good girl” treating me like a dog as he does this I can’t help but growl he responds by chuckling at my obviously failed attempt of acting menacing. As I await to see what he is going to do next I hear a door close and lock I let out a shaky yet relieved breath thinking that he was out of the room as I wait for what seems like hours I eventually drift off to sleep, my body and emotions need a break after the ride it’s been through. After a short rest I’m awoken by a painful strike on my back followed by a threatening voice saying “Did I say you can sleep” when I don’t respond and only let out whimpers of pain he then suddenly whips me again causing me to
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