Descriptive Essay About Patila

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The Marta train stations have been one of the most entertaining parts of the day. I chose to write about the Marta train ride, and what happens on the stations because I ride Marta about twice a day, besides weekends, and since I spend a decent amount of time traveling with Marta I have noticed plenty of things. I noticed things from how people communicate to people not caring about the rules, and other things. The idea of Marta, in my head, was based off of television shows about other trains and subways. Television shows tend to make subways and trains seem dirty, tight spaced, and have rude and disgusting passengers. There always seem to be the people who are loud and disrespects other people's personal space. My idea of Marta was pretty far off from what Marta is really like; however, my ideas were not completely off. I observed Marta by observing people who were waiting at the station for a train, and by observing people on the train. The train ride observation was from Doraville to Five Point, which is eleven stations total. Marta is a very interesting place to use for travels, but the ride is different in the mornings compared to the afternoons; however, Marta during the morning versus Marta in the afternoon are not completely different. For starters, the way people interact with one another are different depending on the time of day you ride Marta. During the morning time, people who ride Marta always seem to be very quiet and do not really talk to one another at

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