Descriptive Essay About Pets

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To many, a pet is much more than an animal that lives in the same house as them. A pet is more than a nuisance with fur that one has to feed and care for. For most, a pet is another family member. A pet is a constant companion that is there to play, cuddle, and bring one joy. One always remembers their first pet. They remember how their pet was always there to comfort them when their own world seemed to be falling apart. Sadly, one also remembers when their first pet died. How when they left you, they also left a gaping hole in your heart that remained hollow ever since. Many of my earliest memories are filled with images of putting cats into doll dresses or playing with them at every possible second. In the fall of 2013, it had been nearly a year since we had owned a cat, and my siblings and I yearned for such a companion. We searched for one for what felt like an eternity. After weeks of searching, a friend told us that she had a kitten on the farm that would die if he remained there over winter. As soon as we saw a photo of the kitten, we eagerly agreed to take him off their hands. When he finally arrived to us, we instantly fell in love. He had beautiful black fur with paws as white as snow. We admired his white patch on his face that had an uneven black spot on it. Finally, after debating about a name for days, we decided on the name Jack. Jack adjusted to life with us quickly. As the years flew by, he morphed into my favorite shoulder to cry on, my
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