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Once upon a time there was a faraway land called Prisma. The population of this kingdom is twenty-four thousand, one hundred and forty people. It is on the east side of the Emerald Kingdom. Prisma is ruled by one of the best kings that people will ever meet and his name is Luke. King Luke has a wife named Annabelle, together they have five kids named James, Serenia, Megan, Liam and Ella. They also have a dog named Sugar and a cat named Thalia. They were the happiest family in the kingdom. King Luke was the kindest, most caring, sweetest, loyal, loving, funny, and down to earth king you will ever meet. Before he became the king, he used to be an artist and sculptor. Queen Annabelle was kind and nurturing. She used to be a normal girl in…show more content…
Why can 't someone else go on the quest to help him? Father, please don 't go, this kingdom needs you," she cried. "Sweetheart, it will only be for a month or two. Your uncle got himself into trouble and needs help," her told her. "Okay, well that 's not your fault, that is his own fault, but whatever, I 'll just go finish my paintings. Love you father," she said with a bit of a sassy voice. "Alright, promise me that you will continue this art. You 've gained so much knowledge. You found your talent. Keep it up," encouraging her to keep up the good work. "I will," she told him as she left the room. Little did her father know that she was starting to develop a passion for Photography. After her father left for the quest her cat Thalia went missing, but her mother said she passed away. Little did she know, that Thalia was thrown out by her mother. The quest was supposed to be only a month or two no longer than that like he told her. After six months past by, King Luke never returned back home. So she thought the quest was taking longer than expected. She started thinking to herself, "What if he never found uncle Edward, yet? What if uncle Edward lied to father and wants to kill him? No, he wouldn 't do that. He would never kill his own brother." Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years. Six years has past by, and he still never returned home. James is

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