Descriptive Essay About Prom

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The average day was going just as I imagined it would’ve. I went to school, went to lunch with Jake, Spencer, and May, then had my daily boy talk and rant session with May while doing homework. Everything was going just average and it was fine up until May brought up the soon to come, Prom of 2014. Then, as expected, the Student Body called an emergency meeting and announced the theme for Prom. My mind automatically went to my 4-year crush, James Taylor. His jaw line was sharp, hair dark brown along with his eyes, he was around 6’2”, muscular with a good build, and dressed to impress. He was near the best looking guy in the school, well at least that 's what I thought. Despite all my guy friends telling me that he was a terrible person, I…show more content…
The girls all had boyfriends, but my guy friends didn’t associate themselves with that and neither did May and I. By the first month of the dance being announced, James had already asked a girl, and to my liking, it wasn’t me. There was one thing I hated more than gym class in middle school, and that’s being asked dead last to a dance. Everyone thought that I was going with my group of guy friends, or that Jake or Spencer had asked me because we were so close. Though that was never the case, and I was either asked dead last by the crusty boys or didn’t go at all. I immediately lost hope, so Jake would take me to get a coffee every morning possible, or to lunch to try to cheer me up. Little did he know, I was fine, just using him for free coffee and lunch. After liking a guy for 4 years and having him never like you back, you get used to it. Spencer was my best friend as of high school. We met in 9th grade calculus since we were both good at math. He was better than I was so thankfully, we became friends because I needed lots of help in there for the first bit after summer break when my brain hurt. He always has my back and I have the job of his therapist for all his girl issues. Jake had been my best friend since I think 6th grade. We hung out so often that my mom thought I had a secret boyfriend, and his mom thought it was cute. Then highschool hit and

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