Descriptive Essay About Qingdao

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I am greatly honored to be the head of Qingdao's tourism department. I w-ant to introduce some information about traveling Qingdao to you in this articl-e. It's located in the southeastern part of Shandong Peninsula, and it's an imp-ortant central city along the coast and a seaside resort city. Meanwhile, it's al-so an international port city and a famous historical and cultural city of Chin-a.
Firstly i will explain why someone should visit Qingdao in the following. The reason one: Qingdao has the high air quality. Nowadays, the air quality b-ecomes an important index to evaluate a city. The moment you arrive in Qing-dao, you will feel excited for the flesh air. The reason two: Qingdao is a city surrounded by the sea. Many people yearn for the sea very much, maybe bec-ause the sea can make them forget their worries temporarily. On the other ha-nd, If you travel here in summer, you can swim or surf with your friends andfamily, that would be a very happy and interesting thing. There are many bath-ing beaches in Qingdao, such as Qingdao's first bathing beach, Qingdao's seco-nd bathing beach and Shi Lao Ren beach and so on. The reason three: Qingda-o has many famous scenic spots and delicious food. If you come to Qingdao,you musn't miss these beautiful views and fine food.
Next, I'll introduce the scenic spots you can visit in Qingdao to you. The first spot is Zhanqiao. It is regarded as an important symbol of Qingdao. It is located in the southern tip of Zhongshan Road, and

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