Descriptive Essay About Qingdao

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Qingdao is a fascinating and nostalgic city. Roaming in this beautiful coastal city,you may be awed by the Continental chic of the old district and grandness of the suburb,and meanwhile easily befriend yourself with those historic buildings,tasty food as well as the hospitable local people. As a perfect combination of the sceneries of sea,hills and city,Qingdao has never been lacking in focus,whether be it the intoxicating view of houses and gardens setting against the background of deep blue sea and the crystal clear sky.From every possible aspect,it is fair enough to say the wonderful city of Qingdao is a tourist’s best choice to spend a fun holiday. Travel time is important to tourist attractions.Qingdao lies in the north temperate zone with a monsoon climate.The golden season of tourism from the end of March can continue until the beginning of November, especially in late August,the sea is warm.Spring time in Qingdao starts a bit tardier than cities of the inner land, followed by a rainy summer and then a clean and dry autumn. The city’s winter time is accompanied by relatively low temperatures along with gusts of wind.if you have a strong physique and enough courage, you can try winter swimming.Thus, spring and autumn is suggested the best time to tour around the city. After coming to Qingdao,first of all,local festivals and delicacies need to be experienced.The festival is represented by Qingdao International Beer Festival in each of August.As the largest

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