Descriptive Essay About Raindrops

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Raindrops The sky had never been more beautiful. I smiled to myself deciding it as I lay on the cold hard ground, the smell of the grass below along with the rain penetrating my senses. What a stupid thing to think about at a time like this. In just a little under five months, we were supposed to be graduating the training corps, picking the fraction of our choice. Did I really have a choice? I wondered sometimes. Of course, I did, I knew I did – but I made mine five years ago when I stumbled into Armin Arlert in that settlement we had both been grouped into and befriended him and his two best friends, Eren and Mikasa. There was no one else in the world for me left but those three. Where Eren went we all followed, it didn’t take…show more content…
All gloomy. It's weird. What's wrong?" His curiosity must've gotten the best of him. "Just missing home." I admitted feeling rather talkative, something he always pulled out of me "On days like this my mom and I used to sit outside the door of our house and just watch the rain. It was like a little tradition. We'd huddle up in this big ol' blanket, sometimes my father or sister would come too. Then there were those nights where it was all of us, peacefully cuddling in the rain. It was one of the only family things we did as a whole, my mom always was the one to bring it up. I guess it just brings back her memory, ya know?" "You- you lost her, didn’t you?" Reiner turned his head to peer over at me through the veil of dark. He probably thought I was a nut case sitting out here so late at night in the rain alone wallowing in the past "I uh- I think I remember you saying you came from Shiganshina, like Eren and Armin?" I could feel his eyes on me. "Yeah. But I mean, we didn’t really know each other before it happened. I only met them when we were all grouped together for some task at our settlement. I remember thinking how different we were at that time. I used to cry about almost everything. They were always so much stronger than I was. But I guess were all the same now, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and I. All alone, together, forever missing a home that no longer exists." I turned to force a smile before
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