Descriptive Essay About Refugees

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Defenders As I looked over to snowy meadow I wondered if we would ever convince Strong horn we can't leave this place, as I stood up to walk over to the nearby flowing stream. This was the only body of water our flock had access to, as I watched the crystal clear water flow down the diagonal slope I saw my reflection in this water there I was a young Ram still being a trained killing machine to keep our flock together Bruce Defender of the Strong horn flock I thought to myself. There were also two other flocks the Bighorns and the Broken horns these clans were divided up by our family name. Inside each flocks there were four different social classes the in flocks there were the Lambs, Weathers, Defenders, and the Daimyo. The lambs of the flock was any sheep that was still a yearling. The weathers of the flock were any elders or mothers in the flock.The Defenders were the young strong warriors of the flock that keep each flock in there valley. Then lastly the Daimyo was the single leader of the flock that gave orders and ran that flocks designated territories. “Hey Bruce” yelled Strong horn the Daimyo of our flock. “What” I said confused. “We gotta move out of this part of the valley, the Broken horns valley is dying and they are willing to go to battle for our share if we dont leave” Strong horn exclaimed. “But we can't leave now we have grown up here our entire lives we can't just abandon our valley now!”.”Im sorry Bruce trust me I hate to leave myself but we just
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