Descriptive Essay About Restaurant

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Amazing restaurants are few and far in between. It seems as if there is always something negative that could be said about even the best restaurants in the country, not even one is entirely perfect. It’s incredibly hard to find a great restaurant that has attentive servers, high quality food served in a timely manner, a friendly atmosphere, and overall cleanliness. Incredibly, I have found an impeccable restaurant that not only meets all of the criteria listed above, it exceeds them. Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill in Dayton Ohio has absolutely amazed me with unbeatable service, food, and much more every time I have dined with them. On my way to one of the performances at the Schuster Center in Dayton, my family and I decided to by a pizzeria…show more content…
As soon as we were seated I noticed just how clean the entire restaurant was even though it was incredibly packed. Due to the fact that the show we planned on attending started soon, we informed our waiter that we were in quite a big hurry. We ordered our drinks and appetizers and I headed off to the restroom to wash my hands before the food arrived. The restroom was just as pristine as the rest of the restaurant, there were no giant globs of soap all over the counter, they had high energy efficient hand dryers, and all toiletries were stocked. Even the mirrors were spotless! It’s often said that you can judge the cleanliness of a restaurant 's kitchen by the cleanliness of the restrooms. With the spotlessness of this restroom, I wasn’t the least bit worried about the cleanliness of the kitchen. I returned back to the table not even five minutes later and our drinks, as well as our appetizers were served! I couldn’t believe how fast it came. We ordered spinach artichoke dip that was served in a bread bowl. I’d highly recommend this appetizer, it was truthfully life changing. As we enjoyed our appetizer our waiter frequently returned to our table and conversed with us, as well as to check on the quality of our food and get our orders for the main dish. He was very attentive and very considerate of our time limitations, I was extremely impressed with him. The menu had a wide variety of options
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