Descriptive Essay About Riding

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Riding horses has always been something that I am passionate about. It is a place where I can escape from the world to put all of my emotions into something I love. I have been riding for 9 years and have been showing for 5 years. Riding is not an easy sport as some people believe it to be, riding takes determination and passion. Being an equestrian means being tough and a fighter while being graceful. Riding takes dedication and hard work, but it is all worth it for doing something you love. This year I had the amazing experience to compete in IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) National Finals! But i wasn't just the experience at Nationals that was so amazing, it was the incredible journey that brought me there. Over the years riding has meant so much to me and I always have had the determination keep pushing forward. But I haven't always been appreciated for my handwork around the barn or the hours I have spent just caring for the horses because I love to. I have never really had a coach who believed in me until Spring of 2016 when a new trainer came to our barn. Megan Taylor is a coach that believed in my and wanted to push me to be a better rider. My friend Brooke was has always been a strong supporter of me, also was so thankful that Megan became our coach. Just knowing that someone believes in you so much can make all the difference in a person’s life. I have been showing in IEA at Moss Creek Equestrian Center for 4 years. IEA is a showing program for
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