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A Rollercoaster Ride
I was standing in line with my sister and cousin waiting to get on the “Viper”. We were at Six Flags having already been in the long line an hour and a half. We all went on our favorite rides, then we decided to go on the roller-coaster. This was going to be my very first ever roller-coaster in my life. Then the rollercoaster conductor told us to get in the coaster. I jumped in, put my seatbelt on and listened to the safety precautions. Then the conductor pressed the button and we were off.
My sister, Anna, said in a soft voice, so she would not wake up my brother “Drew, Wake up. Wake up Andrew. We need to pick up Melissa.”
I was still drowsing, but I was awake. I got my clothes on, and then went to get my phone and
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Anna told me after one of the rides, “Hey, we should ride a roller-coaster.”
“I do not want to ride one though. They look big and scary.” I responded
“Just trust me. It will be fun.” My sister said.
So we all decided to go on the “Viper” and we went to the area where it was located and we hopped in line. It said on the board a 1 and a half hour wait, so luckily I still had battery on my phone. Time passed and we got onto the roller-coaster. I got in the very front of the coaster and put my seatbelt on. I was as nervous as I would ever be in my life. I was sweating because of how nervous I was. The voice told us about the precautions of the roller-coaster that I had already heard a million times before standing in line.
Then the roller-coaster jerked forward and we were off. We went up slowly and I was ready for a big drop. I closed my eyes and then the roller coaster suddenly went down. I had this weird feeling inside of my gut. It was extremely fast and really high up. It took multiple turns and drops and I closed my eyes for all of the drops. Then the roller-coaster suddenly went slower and we were at the start of the ride. I got off and met with my sister and cousin.
“See it was not that bad.” My sister told me.
“Nope, I am never riding a roller-coaster ever again in my life.” I responded back.
We rode some more rides after the coaster and then we had to meet up with
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