Descriptive Essay About Running

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I loved running ever since I could walk on my two feet. I started to like running when I saw my dad coaching the track and field team at this school. I felt like the competition of running.My favorite part were the races. The racing was the best part because everybody was cheetah fast. It would be two or more people neck to neck to win the race. As they zoomed pass for first. The first day of school of middle school was so awesome so much new things became accessed in middle school. The hallways were long . When I was running around the hallway in the school and a teacher stopped me and asked, “Are you doing cross country.” When she said cross country my eyes opened. This is the first year when you can do cross country.Then I remembered that It was so far away from now. It's going to be 2 months till practice starts. So later on in middle it was finally time for the first cross country practice. When I showed to my first practice of cross country I got surprised to see tall, long-legged, fast people zooming pass me. Like Usain bolt. While I admired watching the racers run the coach said, “How are you doing young man. ”I said good.Then the cross country coach said, “Those long legs are going to help you run fast.” She also said, “those legs look like running legs.” When I heard the coach say that to me I was so inspired that I could actually be good at this. After the practice that day I told my Dad how my day was and I told him that the practice at cross country
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