Descriptive Essay About Scars

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It was like a valley ripped into my flesh, a flaw in my visage carved into my face and would remain there for life; it was a reminder of what had happened, a symbol of everything I had lost in such a short amount of time.
I was walking through the forest with my older brother Jacob. He was the bravest, most hard-working person that I ever knew. As if he were a proud lion, he never showed any sign of fear no matter what he was faced with. He was kind and did anything he could to make sure everybody in our family was happy and I shared that ambition with him. Over the years our bond strengthened to the point where we were more than just siblings, we were the best of friends who did everything together and I could never stand the
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“Everyone has something to fear.”
“What is it that you fear then?”
“I don’t fear for myself, I fear for our family, I want them to live full and happy lives, I would even sacrifice myself for any one of them.”
I began to contemplate this when I suddenly heard another rustling.
“Did you hear that?” I said.
“Hear what?” said Jacob.
“Never mind, it must have been nothing.”
Darkness was beginning to descend on the forest, the sun had set and the moon was starting to show. The night sky was like a giant black cloak and the stars were like sparkling grains of sand that washed up on its shores. The forest now appeared to be a maze of trees, rocks, and grass. The trees were like the limbs of gigantic behemoths with menacing looking trunks and the grass was an array of black needles sticking out of the ground.
The once friendly landscape now looked threatening and scary. I began to worry about the possibilities of what could happen. No, what am I thinking? There is no way that something can hurt Jacob and me in this forest but. . . what if that thing I saw in the bush is a bear or wolf? It can’t be, wolves and bears don’t inhabit this forest. . .
As we stepped around a bush, I felt a drop of liquid on my forehead, a cool icy drop of water, it was starting to rain. There was still about fifteen kilometres to go so we decided to take

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