Descriptive Essay About School Day

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As an eight hour school day, filled with laughter and joy as I spent time with my friends, whizzed by, I walked towards my bus. Looking around I could see everything from birds gliding in the wind, their feathers glistening in the sunlight, to spiders in the bushes, working tirelessly to spin their magnificently intricate masterpiece of a web. The trees are starting to change from a vibrant green, to a light yellow, to a deep orange, and finally, to a bloody red. The contrast of all the awe-inspiring colors will always be surreal in my eyes. Every year, I always think to myself the same question, “Why, when such beauty exists, must it go away as quickly as it came?” I soon arrived at my bus, the chipped paint giving it a marvelous antique…show more content…
“There’s probably a universe where heads are shaped like rocks too!” Thomas proclaimed, a little smile on the corner of his mouth. I turned to Beth, Obviously know that she was tired of hearing about infinite universes, almost as much as she was tired about hearing what color a bus is, and said, “There are even rocks shaped like Beth’s head too!” At that comment she glared at me, not with anger, but mostly with a sense of annoyance, yet there was a hint of humor in there, and I knew I did not take it too far, this time, but there is bound to be other moments of my idiocy that will get a little irritating. As we came up to mine and Thomas’s bus stop, I could not help but notice how elegantly the branches from nearby trees had drooped down to create shade for us as we left the bus. It did not stay like that for long, but that was fine, it was a very inviting temperature outside, with a slight breeze that made sure you did not get uncomfortable. From my bus stop, it was about half a mile to my home, but I do not complain about that because there are so many amazingly colored trees along the way, so many beautiful combinations of all different colors, I can never help myself but to just be brimming with awe as I take my, almost, daily trek to my house. As I travel along the side of
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