Descriptive Essay About Seafood

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It was seven in the morning and my parents woke me up to head into seattle. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and then we headed straight to the ferry. Once we got to the ferry, it was about 20 minutes till they let us on. Once we got on, I went and got a banana and some apple juice. The water was so smooth that I forgot that we were even on a boat. I saw how close we were and kept asking my parents how much longer. Once we got there, my sister and I were basically tugging on them. They told us we need to wait for a taxi. I am pretty sure the first thing we did was go to a aquarium. It was my sister 's choice. Once we were done with that we headed to these markets that had lots of seafood and random stuff. When we were there, we found a…show more content…
After all of this, it was about seven in the afternoon. I said that we should ate then my parents told me that we are going to eat in the space needle. I remember that I didn 't even know that it was a restaurant. I said,” That 's a restaurant!” We went up to the top of it and saw if we could get a table. They said that there would be a table ready in about forty-five minutes. Then we headed up to the very top and we looked through a looking glass things that we used to see the whole city. After about ten minutes of looking around I got bored and asked if we could do something else. We headed back to the bottom and there was a gift shop with a whole bunch of seattle things. I got a miniature space needle. I think that my sister got something boring like a shirt. My parents then said we should all wait outside so we headed to a bench outside. We were talking about how everyone in seattle backed into parking instead of having the back of your vehicle on the outside. After a few more random conversations we saw that it was time to head back to the space needle. Once we got up there, our waiter took us to a seat by the window. I got mac and cheese and a root beer. My sister got chicken tenders and a coke. Once we got our food, my sister curled up into a ball and it looked like she started crying, I tried getting her to tell me but she didn 't want to talk. Then she said that she thinks that it is a migraine. I didn 't know what that was so I asked my mom and she told

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