Descriptive Essay About Sparring In Taekwondo

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He Was Breathtaking Waking up early on a Saturday to excessively exercise and then getting beaten up afterward is not everyone’s cup of tea. It sure wasn’t mine and to this very day, I still have mixed feelings about sparring in Taekwondo. Sparring is a sport for students to better prepare themselves in self-defense, but also for competition. Light contact was recommended, but at times the pressure gets the better of the fighter. Accidents frequently occur. I was just starting out in this lung-stopping sport, so neither my mind and body were ready to have the life sucked out of us. I didn’t mind sparring, but when I saw who I was paired with, I might of as well just left the suffocating arena. It was a hot summer morning and I got ready…show more content…
One to my chest, the other went to my throat. After the second blow to my throat, I stopped immediately. I couldn’t breathe. My world went blank and I dropped myself next to my dad on the bench. I was like an old tree that shakes violently during a storm. My body didn’t do anything at that moment. The whole world stopped dead in its tracks. I was in shock. Tears formed in my eyes. Three seconds later, I was crying. It felt like my eyes had an endless supply of water. After Master Ko had called everyone to stop, he turned to Alex and asked what happened. Alex said he honestly did not know and that I just stopped fighting. Master Ko turned to me and asked the same thing. I took asthmatic breaths of air as I answered his torturing question. I felt embarrassed for crying and for stopping in the middle of a fight. My face was beet red. I hated all the eyes that were drilling holes into me. I could not take much more, so I sat out for the rest of the time. As my eyes burned from the sweat and tears mixing together, I yelled at myself, I’m so pathetic! How could I just sit here and rest, while everyone is working their butts off!? “Dalena, what happened?” Master Ko’s voice was warm and soothing. He placed his hand on my shoulder, squeezing so tight, I could feel my veins suffocating. “I was kicked in the throat, sir… I’m really sorry!” I bowed, trying to avoid his eyes, afraid of his eyes splicing into my already broken soul. “I understand it

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