Descriptive Essay About Stuffed Animal

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My artifact is brown and black with almost 2 decades’ worth of memories; this object is my stuffed Rottweiler named Max. This artifact, although motionless with four legs, has walked to the moon and back with me as a child full of imagination. This artifact stores the most precious memories and has been with me at every step in my life. Max is very meaningful to me because we have shared many memories, from birth until now. My stuffed animal has been with me through every ups and downs in life, every change that has ever occurred to me, has been a part my past and present; and represents my future. In every stage of my childhood, Max was there for me; from the moments after my birth until now. My father gave me my first stuffed animal as a gift when I was a very small infant. Since my father grew up owning Rottweilers, it was very fitting of him to buy me a stuffed Rottweiler as my first gift. I have a very vague memory of naming Max; I remember my mom and dad having a mini discussion on what he should be named. My mother wanted a female name, while my father wanted a male name. Coincidentally, our neighbor’s dog was named Max and since I liked that name because it was easy to pronounce, my stuffed animal was officially named Max, or “Maa”, as what I used to call him. A few years later, my dad bought another stuffed animal, also a Rottweiler, and we decided to give it a name. I clearly remember my dad saying “We need to give it a manly name” jokingly. But since I was

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