Descriptive Essay About Sushi

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he sun was just getting dark; it was a very cold night. My mom and I went on a mother-son date. We went to a sushi place . My mom said it would be delicious, I said, “Okay I trust you.” We rushed to get ready to go. We waited 15 minutes for a table to be ready for us.So finally the waiter came to bring us to are table .The waiter came by and dropped off the menu and asked us what to drink I said a Chinese Sprite drink it is where you push the ball into the drink and it will turn into soda.My mom ordered a few for my brothers and Dad.

I looked at my mom and said I have no clue what this says mom and she said it was Spicy Dragon. My mouth dropped and said that sounds delicious. I could smell the food my mouth was watering so much that I could be a swimming pool..About 10 minutes later the appetizer came it looked so good that I stared at it for like 5 minutes.Afterward I tried it and it was so good that I ate more then mom she was impressed amazed That I was eating that much sushi. so then they brought out this huge thing mom said that's huge then I said I know. we tried to eat it all and I ate so much food I had like 13 pieces of sushi my mom had 9 pieces of sushi.

We were almost stuffed like we just ate a waterbuffel but then remembered that we ordered more so they came out with more so we kept eating as much as we could. and then it hit me they came out with this green looking stuff I thought it was avocado so I took a huge handful and my mom shouted it out, “no no

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