Descriptive Essay About Taiwan Trip

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Taiwan Trip It’s has been a long 14 hour flight from SFO to Taipei, Taiwan. I just arrived in Taiwan and I am about to go through custom. It usually goes smoothly, but this time I didn’t have my mom around to help me. I went to the customs agent, and he asked me for my form to go through customs. I told him that I didn’t have a form to go through customs. The customs border then processed to talk to me in chinese about how I was wasting his time. At this point I was really nervous and embarrassed . I felt bad wasting his time and all the people behind me. At this point all I could of think of was to find someone that look nice and would help me. I turned around and was looking at how a lot of people was at this small table writing stuff.…show more content…
I walked out of the customs area and I looked around someone yelled “Jason.” I didn’t see anyone I knew in site than I looked up and there they were my uncle,my two cousins, and my grandma. They told me to stay at the first floor and that they would come down. When they came down they greeted me like every family should and we went into my uncles car, and then he drove to my grandma’s house which I would be staying for the next couple of weeks. When I go to my grandmaś house I remember that her apartment was on the sixth floor with no elevator so I had to carry my heavy language up sixth flight of stairs. When I got into my grandma’s house it bought back so many childhood memories of me being a little kid in the same apartment. After I settle in and did the normal stuff people do when they get off a long flight. My grandma and uncle took me to eat at a place that they swore that I loved as a 5 year old. We ate there and dang it taste so good and again bought so much nostalgia. It was already about 10 Pm Taiwan time so it was time to go home. When we got home my grandma reminded me I had a camp bright and early tomorrow at 9:00 Am. I have forgot all about the camp and my heart started racing as fast as a cheetah. Well I didn’t really know what to think about it and like I usually do when I don’t know how to feel about something I sleep on it. The next day came and I had to wake up at the crack of dawn because
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