Descriptive Essay About Tattoos

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The small stadium erupted as the referee's hand his the canvas for the third time and their hero sat up from leaning on the company's champion back-first with the leg hooked. The fair, young man's golden mane flipped from over his face as he majestically whipped his neck so that his fans could see the pearly white smile full of razor sharp teeth. The smash-mouth superstar roared with a bestial property as his teal eyes looked to be in an adrenaline rush. High cheek bones, a strong jawline, and an elegant sprinkle of scruff on his face gave him the look. There was a unique look to him as his ears were littered with silver rings and the left side of his heavily layered hair ended in hair tassels. [Image: o1mKZUK.jpg] As he rose to his feet, his picture-perfect physique likewise came into view. Once he was standing, it was easy to see how he towered over the referee by about a foot with broad shoulders and wide lats that gave him a crisp, tailored V shape. With stacked traps, a barreled chest, washboard abs, and powerlifting legs... he was the total package. Tribal tattoos engulfed his right arm, right pectoral, and meaty left deltoid. A mistletoe was tattoo'd right on the inner side of his right hip and a silver stud went through his left nipple. White tape ran from his thick hands up right above his elbows and his biceps were tightly squeezed by long bands reminiscent of the late British Bulldog. There he was. Baldur the Indomitable Shirtless with his lower body

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