Descriptive Essay About Tattoos

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This wonderful idea all started when I was around 15. This was maybe one of my less great ideas, but I really liked the thought of me having a tattoo.Yea that's right, I said that I wanted a tattoo! At the time I kept begging and asking my mom to allow me to get a tattoo, I asked her if I could get this tattoo when I turned 16. After a week of me asking her, she finally said yes, but the only condition was that I had to pay for it. LIttle did I know that she only said this to keep me quiet.
As soon as my 16th birthday came around I felt joy inside because I was finally getting something that i've been wanting for a long time , but once again, my mom showed her true colors and said no. She told me to wait until summer , fortunately this time she was for real. So as soon as summer arrived, I was already looking for a place to get a tattoo called Johnny's Tattoos; The Place Of Regret. Not this place, but tattoos in general are famous for having an effect on how people with them are viewed and even how they are judged.People have viewed other people with lots of tattoos as someone who is not fit for the workplace--or simply just insane.I made an appointment a week after I got my first paycheck.
After waiting for what felt like 1000s of years my appointment date was here. Therefore I went to the tattoo shop to try something completely new. I went to the tattoo shop to feel something i've never felt before. Most important I went to the tattoo shop relate to other
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