Descriptive Essay About Tennis

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The fire surges through my body, I feel so powerful, so unstoppable. The sweat drips down my face but I hardly notice. The vibration of my racquet makes the fire burn hotter. It’s the most intense game I’ve ever played. We trade points out constantly, but I know I’m better than him, I know that I can win. The simple mistakes I’m making can only be forgiven by one thing. Handing this kid a loss. It’s been deuce forever, I can’t seem to take two in a row. I know I’m better than him, but I just can’t win. Tennis is the only thing I have to keep my mind off of things. I can’t lose it.
Let’s take it back to the winter. Tennis open courts just started, and I really only went just to mess with my teacher Rush Walters. I acted like a child at
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We waited for everyone to finish, Walters drug out these raggedy old ladders, and that’s what we did for the next thirty minutes. The first day of tryouts we barely touched our racquets because we were running so much. The week went by slowly, but I was relieved to see my name on the roster on monday.
Back at it again, another cold day at the courts. I feel good though. A day to get better, and I think I’m going take that opportunity. We start with our two mile daily. I really push myself and finish second. We get into our drills and it takes me a bit to warm up. Coach Rush keeps yelling, “Placement over power!” I keep hitting hard even though he tells me not to. After a certain point if you can’t hit it hard back you’re not gonna win, so I might as well practice and learn it now. If you’re not playing to win, why are you playing?
I pull up in my gray Dodge Stratus, and hop out. It’s chilly at 6 a.m. I open the doors with their brass handles that are slightly tarnished down. I smell the breakfast already, “Welcome to Country Kitchen,” a hostess spoke. I find my team and sit with them, I order apple covered pancakes. Boy did they make my stomach hurt. We scarf down our food then drive back to the school. The big yellow school bus was already sitting there, engine roaring, waiting for us. I climb aboard and take a seat. It’s just varsity playing along with two junior varsity teams. We all get our own seats, I instantly lay
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