Descriptive Essay About The Forest

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The Forest When The laughter started I knew I should run, but I didn't. why? I don’t remember, but that doesn't matter, now that I’m dead anyway; So let’s get on with how this happened. I was in the woods walking around while the party was going. I started to get a feeling someone was watching me, someone probably was, I thought. There were people all around me they were all from the party, I knew this because I saw a lot of people walk in here before I did to find… never mind. I started hearing sticks cracking. Nothing To be afraid of but it did creep me out a little. After only a minute or two was when I started to hear it; The child. The laughs got louder the light shifted it was much darker than a minute ago, no, no, ten seconds ago. It looked like the beginning of night time, not the light of early evening when I first arrived to the party. What time was it? I check my watch, 7:47 pm no, definitely not right. As the laughs got louder I started to think are they messing with me? No, the laughs sound to close right in front of me. I started to to walk back to the party it was over I was not going to find… no I must get back maybe they are already back. Then I heard a scream, I ran. The light seemed to get darker as I ran, then I heard a boom and a blinding light flashed close to me, was that lighting? I ran as fast as I could. The wind picked up and was blowing strong gusts my way the pine trees blowing the sent up my nostrils, and there was something else to the
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