Descriptive Essay About The Galapagos

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It was a seven hour flight to get from New York City to Guayaquil, Ecuador. After going through customs I was finally greeted by my colleague, whom I would be working on this research with. Our flight to the Galapagos was not until the next day so we decided to rent a car to take a small trip to a different island, off the coast of Ecuador.
Before setting off on our journey I took my colleague to Parque de Iguanas. This is a very common tourist attraction because of how up close and personal you can be with iguanas that live in there. The iguanas can be found relaxing on the stone pathway or the grass, but most are found on the trees. Although they are extremely fascinating animals, they are not the focus of our expedition. After our
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The airport was small and held the necessary amenities needed for air travel. The island’s human population is about 6,000 making it the second most populated island of the archipelago. The temperature was around the high seventies and there was a constant fresh breeze from the ocean. The area was filled with tourists, giving the island an atmosphere of a resort or vacation spot rather than a site that influenced Darwin’s theory of natural selection.
However, what made San Cristobal a critical aspect of our expedition was that it was home to Frigatebird Hill. We took the tourist trail from the city center to Frigatebird Hill. We passed many homes, tourist attractions, and hotels. Once at the hill we observed the difference between the Magnificent Frigatebird and the Great Frigatebird. The male Great Frigatebird has green iridescent scapular feathers while the Magnificent Frigatebird has purple iridescent scapular feathers. The female Great Frigatebird has a red eye ring and a white throat and breast, while the Magnificent Frigatebird has a blue eye ring, black throat and a white breast.
The Magnificent Frigate bird forge for food closer to the island. They roamed the skies preparing for the prime opportunity to pluck out fish or squid from the water. Yet, they also obtained their food by stealing it from other bird including their own kind! A blue footed booby returned from the sea to feed its young. While regurgitating the for the young blue footed

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