Descriptive Essay About The Great Flood

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The Great Flood Standing outside, clinging onto my balcony rail, watching the rain pour down from the dark, gloomy sky, I wondered would it ever end. Each drop of rain continuously hitting the concrete of the parking lot, had formed into a lake. It got depressing, watching the news, and hearing the reporters saying, “The rain fall would be continuous for another 4 more days.” “This is sickening,” my mom said, as she paced back and forth in the living room. Misery appeared on her face, and my dad’s, except my little brother seemed unaware of the natural disaster that was occurring. “Mommy there’s a pool outside,” said Lalon. “No sweetheart, you can’t swim in that water it’s contaminated with yucky things!” After realization of the…show more content…
It was just the matter of being patient while waiting for the boats to arrive. Loud knocks and deep voices came from behind the doors of the apartment complex from the boat men. “Last call!” the boatmen were yelling out. They had many more routes to pick up other helpless individuals. The stairs were halfway under water, and we had to walk through the infectious waters just to get into the boat. It only was room for my mom, little brother and I, so dad had to wait for the next boat. The looks on everyone’s faces were dazed, as we sailed past a school bus literally underwater and our neighborhood grocery store, but you could only see the top of the sign. It was so silent while we rode, all you heard was the roaring engine from the boat. As we went around the corner, it appeared to be another world, there was not one drop of water. How could it only flood in certain areas? I thought. The nice gentlemen helped us with our things from the boat to dry land, then we got in a truck with two off-duty fire fighters, which took us to grandmother’s house. Grandma’s house was only ten minutes away from us. We thanked the courteous men and were on our way. It was remarkable how the water only stayed on my street. “Do we live in a sink-hole area,” I asked my mom. “No, our home isn’t located in a flood zone, “she replied drearily. When my family arrived, grandma was extremely hysterical and teary-eyed. She asks, “Are you guys
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