Descriptive Essay About The Tiger

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As he walked into the arena, the crowd stilled. The sand below was white and blinding in the light of the beating sun. The stone wall of the arena felt like the walls of his soon to be coffin. As he turned around slowly to bow to the king, a customary for the victims of his sick barbaric punishment, but when he looked up, his eyes were only on the woman he dearly loved. As their eyes meet a memory flashed between them like a spark of light move quickly before his eyes. “Please just run away with me.” he pleaded desperately her “I will die in there, your father will make sure of it.” “ You dare accuse my father of cheating his perfect system of retribution!” She took a deep breath and swallowed “I am doubtful that your punishment would be unfair, but maybe we could change. Maybe we could put the odds in your favor. Tonight I will find which door the tiger is behind.” She said, and with that she strode out the door. He could hear footsteps echoing down the hall. As soon a the vision came it left. The pounding of his heart thunderous in his head. He couldn't help but portray his fear as he looked up to see her eyes. To see the answer he had been pondering the day he met the princess. The day he fell in love with her. He knew that this moment would come. He heard the question pounding in his head. Left or right? He heard the crowd stirring behind him with anxiety. Left or right? He could smell his perspiration like a wafting odor as he stared. Left to the right? He saw the eyes
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