Descriptive Essay About Tinker Bell

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The bearing summer heat shines down on us. My black wool socks absorb the heat, making my feet feel sticky like gum. My dance shoes hug my toes. Not the sweet, grandma type hug, but more of a strangling and choking squeeze. The actors next to me are suffering as well. I hope our stage makeup doesn't sweat off. I whisper to my neighbor “Boy, it sure is hot today.” The boy next to me has a bandana tied around his head hiding his short, wispy tan hair. When the show is over it my as well be a mop of sweat. He whispers back “Shhh!” There is a slight tone in his voice. Suddenly, a small, sparkly girl glistens pass our handmade ship we are leaning on. It’s Tinker Bell. I can hear her tiny voice interact with the audience, introducing our story. The other fairies raise their delicate voices crescending to the final not of the song. A half hour, the sun ticking a wy like a clock in the sky…. Heh. That reminds me of the Tic-Toc Croc. The actress who portrays this character wears a ginormous croc costume, which is most likely a million degrees. That does not dent her kindred spirit though. She always dab at the end of her song. “Hey! It’s our cue!” taps my neighbor Jenny. I stand up and focus my senses under my eyepatch. Soon our song begins. We burst out of the ship in a chorus like fashion chanting: “Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate's life for me.” As we walk drunkenly across the stone water fountain cement, ur beloved captain appears.He steps of the mahogany balcony with
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