Descriptive Essay About Trip To Cancun

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A harsh lighting strikes on a brutal warm night. The waves gain more strength and followed by the rain that’s pounding harder onto the resort. I couldn’t sleep ;the storm kept going on for hours and it wouldn’t stop. I thought it was going to be a peaceful night ; I thought wrong. Three months ago I received a text message from my father explaining that we 're going on a trip to Cancun on July 4th . Boy was I excited I never been out of the country before. I couldn 't wait to leave and get away from this annoying town and go somewhere peaceful. My dreams are actually coming true. I raced down the hallway to tell my mom about the trip she seemed happy for us. I told her everything we needed to know about the trip, which she didn 't…show more content…
It was a bagel restaurant where everything was made out of bagels. I thought it was super cool as I looked through the menu, there was bacon and eggs, pizza,some vegetarian and original. I didn 't feel like eating even though everything looked really good so instead I got sprite.12 hours passed and we made it through all the security stuff , it was kinda of scary even though I didn 't do anything bad but in my mind I felt like I did. After we got our stuff we started boarding the plane, there wasn 't a lot of people which was good because I don 't like big crowds. We took off at 6:15 and it took 2 hours and 48 mins to get to cancun , which gave me enough time to sleep and get some music in before we land. In the airplane it was quiet peaceful , I looked at the window and saw the beautiful view. “ Oh I can 't wait to get to our resort.” I whispered to myself. We arrived at Cancun around 8:15 , it took us 15 mins to get through the scans and 30 mins to get to our resort. In Cancun the traffic is crazy it 's more wild then it is in america. As we arrived we saw the ocean from the window, I never seen an ocean before so it looked amazing to me. The way the water had so many mixing colors such as blue, dark blue , white and turquoise. It was amazing , I jumped up and told my dad “hey i 'm going to straight to the beach is that okay?” I asked my dad. He said it was fine and that I could go but I had to take my sister. As my
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