Descriptive Essay About Vacation

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Disastrous Vacations Vacations can be immaculate moments of life in which common people live, love, laugh, and relieve stress. However, how can a time of relaxation, quality time with family, and genuine human connection, turn into something dark and sinister? This is the question every member of my family asks, any time we go on a trip or vacation. Whether or not we are slackening in the plains of South Dakota, the mountains of Tennessee, or even the coast of Florida, disaster creeps into our heads and soon, our realities. Tornadoes, wildfires, and hurricanes have plagued the regions we seek to dilute the soul and only follow once we have left the region do we realize we have yet again out run catastrophe.
The infectious misfortune of our self-hazardous vacations begins in Potato Creek, Indiana. A small place known for great places to camp and spend time with loved ones, we found it to be a great place to venture to for the weekend. Camping was exhilarating and as all children do we find adventure and a sense of youthful childishness in all things, even more primitive activities. Fishing through the days, and warming beside the fire, playing card games, and eating food freshly cooked over an open campfire, we thought we had planned the perfect small and even more cost effective excursion than a trip to an exotic locations for the time being. Storms were forecasted to cultivate rainfall out of the seemingly blue endless sea of sky we had left that day. Our tent alone
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