Descriptive Essay About Vacation In America

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As a child, the ocean charmed me. After glancing at the never ending shore line’s going from coast to coast as far as the eye can see, I felt like a grain of sand on the beach. I never thought I could see anything else as immense and alluring. As I relaxed on a lawn chair soaking up the rays of sunshine in Alabama, my friends froze in Iowa from the early stages of spring still bitter from the past winter. During my family vacation in Alabama many memories were cemented into my mind as I soaked up the radiant sunshine on the blistering beachside chair. My eyes sluggishly peeled open as I rest on the edge of the slightly deflated air mattress prepared to conquer my first day on vacation. I slipped my feet onto the rough and gritty carpet as I hoisted myself from my deep slumber, feeling the sensation of all the dust still lodged between the micro carpet fibers. I heard the humming of the generator as it rang through the camper along with the cars on the highway zooming by in the distance. Gazing out the window I saw the glistening blood-orange sunrise that laid just above the horizon. I patiently awaited the sweltering heat wave that would take place in hours to come. Still half asleep, I hobbled to the sink at a turtle’s pace to prepare myself for the journey ahead of me. After I staggered into my neon pink two piece I flung a flowy dress embroidered with patterns over my figure. Then I squeezed the toothpaste container until the last drop fell onto my toothbrush. I brushed
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